Frequently Asked Questions

    Mailbox will shut down on February 26, 2016. Beginning December 31 we will no longer provide email support.

    For more information please visit our FAQ.

    Getting Started

    Download the app and enjoy our tutorial!

    You can view our tutorial any time by going to the drawer on your mobile device.

    Sign in to Mailbox with your Dropbox account

    Signing in with your Dropbox account gives you a smarter and faster Mailbox experience. Dropbox automatically syncs and stores your drafts, email preferences, and Auto-swipe patterns across all of your devices and email accounts.

    Add your email accounts

    You can add up to 10 Gmail, Google Apps, or iCloud accounts to Mailbox. And yes, more client support is coming!

    Don’t freak out about this

    You’re probably used to badge count revealing the number of unread messages in your inbox — but with Mailbox, things work a little differently. We believe that your inbox should only hold messages that need your attention right now. So, the Mailbox badge count represents the total number of emails in your inbox — or what you immediately need to pay attention to. Everything else can be archived, deleted, snoozed or added to a list.

    Don’t freak out if your badge count is high - we can help you get to zero. If you prefer your badge count displayed the number of unread messages, you can adjust it in Settings.

    Swipe, swipe, swipe

    Tame your inbox with a few simple swipes: short swipe to the right to archive and long swipe to delete, or short swipe left to snooze and long swipe to move the message to a list. If you use Gmail or iCloud on the web, your snoozed emails will move into the [Mailbox] folder and return to your inbox at the time you select.

    Get to zero

    Have a full inbox and and want help cleaning it up? Pull down on your mobile screen and tap the “Help Me Get to Zero” button (this feature will be available soon on desktop). The messages you archive are moved to Archive in Mailbox and can be found in “All Mail” in Gmail or “Archive” in iCloud. You can always access your archived messages via Search. You won’t believe how good it feels to have an empty inbox!

    Focus on what matters, on your terms

    Want Mailbox to send you alerts about your email? You can opt to receive push notifications for all messages, snoozed messages or both. Just go to Settings > Notifications to adjust them. Getting multiple pushes for a single message? Visit Settings > Notification Center on your iOS device or Settings > Apps on Android to disable notifications for other mail clients.

    Tips + Tricks


    Auto-swipe learns from your swipes to automate common actions. Just use Mailbox as you normally would, and Mailbox will start making suggestions, like “always swipe to delete a daily deal” or “always swipe newsletters to the To Read list”. Think of it as mute, unsubscribe, and custom filters, all-in-one. Power user? Swipe and hold a message to set your own Auto-swipe patterns.

    Batch Swipe

    When the total number of items in your inbox is relatively small, you can swipe all the messages in your inbox at once by using the bar at the bottom of the list. With one quick motion, you can batch swipe all of your emails in any direction — just like an individual message.

    Send files from Dropbox

    Tap the paperclip icon on a new message to attach a file from your Dropbox. To link your Dropbox account, go to Settings, then Dropbox.

    Reorder Messages

    Reorder messages in Lists and smaller inboxes, so your Mailbox can behave even more like a to-do list. Just touch and hold the message, then move it up or down.

    Getting to Zero

    Mailbox works best when your inbox holds only the messages you need to pay attention to right now. If you have a lot of old emails in your inbox, look for this button at the top of your list.

    Alias (aka "Send-as") Support

    Connect all your Gmail aliases in Mailbox to send from any of your email addresses. Just go to Settings and select the account, then Gmail Aliases. Keep in mind that all aliases must be verified in Gmail Settings. If they are not, sent emails will come from your default account.

    Shake to Undo

    Did you swipe the wrong message or accidentally delete one? No problem. On iOS, gently shake your phone and you'll be prompted to undo your most recent action. On Android, Undo is in your drawer next to the Search field.

    Mark as Unread or Spam

    Want to mark a message as unread or spam? Click on the overflow button on the top right of thread view or individual message view and you’ll be prompted to mark the message as unread or spam.

    Daily Inbox Zero Image

    Mailbox features a different photo every day as a reward for reaching Inbox Zero. Tap the daily image to view the complete image, then share it on Twitter or visit the photographer on Instagram (be sure to like the photo!).


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