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What is Mailbox?

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Get Started

1. Download the app and go through our tutorial!

You can view it again at anytime by going to the drawer, tapping Help then Tutorial or you can check it out here.

2. Sign in to Mailbox with your Dropbox account

Dropbox will sync and store your email preferences and Auto-swipe information, giving you a faster and smarter email experience.

3. Add up to 10 Gmail, Google Apps, or iCloud accounts to Mailbox.

Yes, more client support is coming!

4. Don’t freak out about this

Your badge count reveals the total number of conversations in your inbox, not unread messages. This is because Mailbox works best when your inbox holds just the messages you actually need to pay attention to now (everything else can be archived or snoozed). You can adjust how your badge works in Settings.

5. Swipe, swipe, swipe

Manage current and incoming inbox messages by swiping to snooze, archive or delete. Snoozed emails move into the [Mailbox] folder in your web mail (Gmail or iCloud) and return to your inbox at the time you select. Remember, everything you do in Mailbox is reflected in your desktop/web mail client, so your desktop client will be as clean and delightful as your Mailbox.

6. Get to zero

Have a big inbox and and want help clearing it? Pull down on your screen and tap the “Help Me Get to Zero” button. The messages you archive are moved to Archive in Mailbox and can be found in “All Mail” in Gmail or “Archive” in iCloud. Of course, archived messages are always available via search). You won’t believe how good an empty inbox feels.

7. Focus on what matters, on your terms

Notifications should never be intrusive: they should be easy for you to control. On Android and iOS, you can change Mailbox’s notification options by opening the app and going to Settings > Notifications.

Mailbox is about focusing on the things that need your attention now; getting duplicate notifications from different mail clients on your device can make this tricky.

On iOS, you can disable notifications for any app by going to Settings > Notification Center and then tapping the app in question and selecting 'None' for the Alert Style.

Android 4.1+ also let’s you disable notifications for any app by going to Settings > Apps. Then tap the app in question and uncheck 'Show notifications'.

Desktop + Web

Using Mailbox with Gmail and iCloud

Mailbox is designed to work seamlessly with your existing email accounts. Every zone in mailbox maps to a part of your client’s web experience. Here's the breakdown:

Configuring your client

To get the most out of Mailbox while accessing email from your computer, we suggest following the guides below:

Security & Syncing

In order to deliver email as quickly as possible, send push notifications, and keep an accurate badge count on your home screen, Mailbox checks your email from the cloud.

All cached emails are stored securely in a way that's not readable by humans (not even the ones on our team). More details can be found in our Privacy Policy, but the short version is that your stuff is your stuff and not ours, we take your privacy very seriously, and we do everything we can to keep your messages secure.

Tips + Tricks

Getting to Zero

Mailbox works best when everything in your inbox is something you need to pay attention to. If you currently have a lot of old emails in your inbox, look for this button at the top of your list.

Batch Swipe

When the total number of items in your inbox is relatively small, you can swipe all messages at once by using the bar at the bottom of the list. It can be swiped in all the same ways as an individual message.

Auto Swipe

The service learns from your swipes and snoozes to automate common actions. Just use Mailbox as you normally would and Auto-swipe will start suggesting new patterns, like always swiping to archive daily deals or always moving receipts to a list.

Reorder Messages

Items in lists (and small inboxes) can be re-ordered. Just tap and hold the message, then move it up or down.

Send files from Dropbox

Tap the paper clip icon on a new message to attach a file from your Dropbox. To link your Dropbox accounts, go to Settings, then Dropbox.

Alias (aka "Send-as") Support

Connect all your Gmail aliases in Mailbox to send from any of your email addresses. Just go to Mailbox Settings and select the account, then Gmail Aliases. Keep in mind that all aliases must be verified in Gmail Settings. If they are not, sent emails will come from your default account.

Shake to Undo

Did you swipe the wrong message or accidentally delete one? No problem. Gently shake your phone and you'll be prompted to undo your most recent action. (for iOS only)

Daily Zero Pic

Mailbox features a different picture every day for people who get to zero. Tap it to see a full-screen version, or visit the photographer on Instagram (be sure to like the photo!).