In 2011, a small team of engineers and designers set out to build the world’s best mobile collaboration tool.

What began with an observation — that people used email as a (terrible) to-do list — evolved into Orchestra To-do, the App Store’s 2011 Productivity App of the Year. Despite the app’s success, the team was still receiving tasks via email. And one day it dawned on them: rather than moving these tasks somewhere else, what if they transformed the inbox where the tasks already live?

We’ve come to believe email is here to stay. And while we can't get away from it, we can change how we interact with it. We can put email in its place.

That’s where Mailbox comes in. We’ve created a mobile-first email experience from the ground up — challenging assumptions about how email works and redesigning the inbox for a world on the go.

We’ve taken the very best experiences from the apps we use everyday and applied them to this archaic medium. It’s a new way of looking at your email, but when you use Mailbox for the first time, we believe you’ll say “of course.”

Within two months of its 2013 launch, the Mailbox system was delivering over 100 million emails every day. And that was just the beginning. Our goal has always been to put Mailbox in the hands of everyone who wants it. That means supporting additional email providers and mobile devices, adding new features, and continuing to scale our service  quickly.

Rather than grow Mailbox on our own, in March of 2013 we joined forces with Dropbox to build it out together. Dropbox has been like jet fuel for Mailbox, helping us build a stronger foundation to support new features, devices and email clients for significant scale. And that’s just the beginning — imagine what cool things you’ll do when your Mailbox is more deeply integrated with your Dropbox...

Thanks for joining us on the journey to transform the inbox. We’re really excited for what’s ahead.